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Tuakana / Teina: enhancing health career opportunities through teaching and learning

Tuakana / teina is a relationship based teaching and learning programme designed to enhance and develop health career opportunities for Māori.

It refers to the relationship between a tuakana (older person) and a teina (younger person). This style of mentoring is specific to the cultural traditions of Māori teaching and learning.

We summarise the core principles of tuakana / teina as follows:

“Ma te tuakana ka totika te teina, ma te teina ka totika te tuakana.”

“From the older sibling the younger one learns the right way to do things, and from the younger sibling the older one learns to be tolerant.”

Types of tuakana / teina relationships:

  • Peer to peer: teina teaches teina, tuakana teaches tuakana.
  • Younger to older: the teina teaches the tuakana skills the tuakana hasn’t acquired in their training, for example computer literacy.
  • Older to younger: the tuakana has knowledge and experience to share with the teina.
  • Able to less able: the learner acquires skills from someone more experienced in a specific field.

How to register for tuakana / teina with Hawke’s Bay DHB

As either a tuakana or a teina, you can register to join the programme by completing our contact form. We will respond within 24 hours. All new Māori staff employed by HBDHB are also offered the opportunity to register as part of the Tūruki programme.

As a teina, you will be contacted by the Tūruki coordinator and talk about your learning and cultural support needs. The coordinator will match you with a tuakana best suited to support you during the initial weeks when you start working.

As a tuakana, you may have time to provide guidance in your area of expertise. Contact the Tūruki coordinator at the Hawke’s Bay DHB to be matched with a suitable teina.

Profiles of Tuakana

Our Tuakana offer many years of experience and have a wide range of expertise. They are skilled healthcare professionals who want to share their mōhio with teina.