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Starting My Career: nursing scholarships and training

If you’re at high school and want the option to explore a career in healthcare, choosing the right subjects is a great way to start, particularly if you’re interested in one of our nursing scholarships.

If you want to see the range of healthcare jobs available, look at the list of Health careers or at our job vacancies pages.

Step 1

High School

The path to a clinical career

It’s essential you study maths and science if you want a clinical career. Subjects like biology, chemistry, algebra and geometry will really help if they are available at your school. Physics and computer science are recommended too. Also consider taking social studies and Māori.

Most clinical careers involve contact with patients and require you to take ongoing formal study and training after finishing school. You’ll give yourself a big head start if you read and learn about health and medicine now.

Examples of clinical jobs include:

The path to a non-clinical career

If you’re more interested in a non-clinical, business orientated role, you should take English, economics, accounting and maths. These roles support healthcare workers and are essential to maintaining good healthcare services for the people of our region.

Remember, it’s never too late. You can still start a career in healthcare even if you’re no longer at school. Talk to us about what what options might suit you best.

Examples on non-clinical jobs include:

Step 3

If you’re interested in one of our nursing scholarships or need funding to learn, we can help. Take a look at our scholarships page to see what funding is available and how to apply. There are lots of options, so talk to us about what’s right for you.

Talk to us to start your career in healthcare today